Tuesday, October 9, 2012

To Goal, or Not To Goal?

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Got Goals?

Are you a goal-setter? Some folks love having their plans written out. They love to-do lists, checkboxes, and the feeling of having it all done at the end of the day. They know exactly where they want to go and the steps and sub-steps they need to take to get there.

I don't want to knock those folks at all. I love that they are like that. But it isn't me.


I was supposed to be really goal-oriented. A hard-charger. A smart gal who fought her way to the top and achieved eternal academic glory. 

But I didn't turn out that way.

Perhaps due to the pressure, goals don't really work for me. They always make me feel like I'm not enough. Like I'm not there yet. I hate having an unfinished goal hanging over my head. It feels like a sentence. You aren't successful. 

On the other hand, I do still need to make plans and get things done. What to do? 

Living In The Moment

I really don't have this one all figured out. I don't know how to plan and make things happen and take huge steps into success without turning into a ball of insecure shivering jello. 

But I do know that I can live in the NOW. In the WHAT IS, rather than the WHAT WILL BE. 

And, frankly, that's when I'm most at peace. Most centered. And most sure that I'm OK. 

Maybe that's success. 

What do you think? Do you thrive on goals? Let me know in the comments! 

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