Monday, January 7, 2013

What It Means to Have Purpose

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Today I had a bit of a crisis. I realized I had no idea what my purpose is.

Purpose. It's a big idea, thrown around by many, especially in the blogosphere. It's treated as if purpose is a big, world-changing reason for being. And if you don't know your purpose, you better find out. Fast.

I didn't feel like I had a big world-changing reason for being. Honestly, the thought of changing the world just makes me tired anyway. I felt like I was stuck in a mundane rut of work, meals, and sleep, with no change in sight. I wanted some kind of lightening bolt: a bold, magnificent, huge purpose to come and strike me and make me feel worthwhile.

As a Christian, I did what I often do in these situations - I prayed. More accurately, I shouted at heaven from my heart. "What is my purpose? Why am I here? Is life just a routine, over and over and over? Isn't there more?" 

I have to admit I felt a bit ashamed. As a Christian, I'm supposed to have all these pat answers, these 'reasons for being' pulled straight from scripture. But it wasn't working for me. I needed something deeper than my memorized catechism. So I prayed. 

And I got an answer. An answer that changed how I felt and how I looked at my world. It will do the same for you.

"You won't know your full impact this side of heaven."

That's it. But it lifted my spirits and changed everything. I have an impact every single day - a person I smile at, someone I help, loving my boyfriend, my family, and my friends. But I don't know how much I matter. And neither do you. 

How do you know if your smile, or off-handed compliment, or helping hand, saved someone's life today? What if that person was about to quit, to give up forever, and your kindness changed their mind? How do you know what prayers changed a life? What charitable donation made a difference that will never be forgotten?

You don't.

And so take heart. Having a purpose doesn't mean you have to have some huge, bold, lighting-covered mission. Perhaps you know of one, and that's great. Maybe one will come later in your life. But today, live your daily life with kindness and love, and remember - you never know when your actions may have saved a life, a heart, or a relationship. 

You matter. Immensely. And some day, you'll truly know how much. 

Can you think of a way someone touched your life without realizing it? Share in the comments. 

Be blessed!


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